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George’s Blog May 2017

This is the latest acquisition for the M&S art collection. As maybe some of you know we have collected art for the last ten years and it is hung in all four offices. The art is both contemporary and twentieth century but with an emphasis on the innovative. Why? Well it brightens up the [...]


George’s Blog November 2015

As I was searching through family photographs for a school project I came across this photo of the first and second generation of the family. All of them apart from Granny worked in the business as was the custom. My Father is on the far right so I think the photograph must date from the [...]


George’s Blog August 2015

So I started thinking instead about why I love this country. One thing that I reflected on this morning was how much I enjoy watching BBC breakfast and the professionalism of the presenting team. Steph McGovern is a breath of fresh air. Smart, innovative and somehow that Northern accent is perfect for cutting through the [...]


George’s Blog July 2015

I took a very interesting phone call this month from Mrs Bridget Lindsay of the Tayside Church Recorders asking about a contract she thinks we completed in 1927. The contract was for the manufacture and installation of pews and a pulpit in St. Bean’s Church, in Fowlis Wester. It is an amazing piece of work [...]



Just occasionally it is so important to smell the roses and appreciate what life is all about. I loved this film about the SLOMO skater. Well worth a click.


It is sometimes tricky describing what we do

Photos are easier but they really only give the end result. I think most contractors can deliver quality if the brief is clear and there is enough time. But as we all know time is a precious commodity. For me the bit in the middle is the moment of truth.