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It is sometimes tricky describing what we do

Photos are easier but they really only give the end result. I think most contractors can deliver quality if the brief is clear and there is enough time. But as we all know time is a precious commodity. For me the bit in the middle is the moment of truth.

When the site is full steam ahead and the unforeseen challenges arise. Where we really differentiate ourselves is working in live environments. Rebuilding surrounded by someone’s working model, their staff and their clients. Everyone pretending it is business as usual but really everyone wanting us out yesterday.

So if you don’t want to stop what your business does but need to change your working environment we can help. That requires us to be responsive to client needs and for that to happen we need truly proactive teams who understand that you cannot allow your business to stop. When I say “responsive to client needs” I mean people who listen, really listen, consider the possible solutions and then act.
So much easier when we can also present a team that can deliver services as well as a building solution. Let’s be honest whilst a wall or ceiling is important heating, ventilation, lighting and IT is crucial.

We also focus our business on frameworks so we don’t lose that brand focus from project to project. Your business is complex we understand that and the more we work with you the more we can understand that complexity.