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Nationwide Rebrand

Morris & Spottiswood have successfully completed the Nationwide Rebrand Programme which involved the rebranding of Dunfermline, Cheshire and Derbyshire Building Societies to Nationwide.

“Fabulous. What a result! Thank you all for your efforts over the weekend. You should be really proud of the contribution you’ve made to Nationwide’s future.” Darren Marsden, Head of Transformation, Nationwide

The works included three so called ‘Migration Weekends’ each being the culmination of one of the brands journeys to becoming Nationwide.

For example the 2nd of the brands to be integrated entailed the rebranding of 20 Cheshire branches and closure of 16. After several weeks of scoping and preparatory works the Migration Weekend saw the combined skill & efforts of over 80 staff deliver a complex and challenging programming of works with outstanding results. Having closed on Friday at 4pm as Cheshire Building Society, all 20 rebranded branches opened on Monday 6th October at 9am as Nationwide. Communication is the key to the success of these projects. So a highly effective communication strategy was put in place called ‘The Hub’, which incorporated the establishment of an online Client portal, an operative communication and support process and a real time upload of data such as photographs, marketing checklist and branch sign off sheets. This information was monitored constantly by senior Nationwide staff from Command Control.

Impressively, over the three Migration Weekends, The Hub team handled over 2224 phone calls, 1201 emails, 2521 texts and uploaded over 1100 photographs to the Clients Portal.