• BIFM Scotland Awards 2016

Our Employee Survey

Right at the core of everything we do in Morris & Spottiswood are our employees – they are the backbone of the service we provide for our clients; whether they’re working on site in client-facing roles or behind the scenes in support functions. At Morris & Spottiswood listening to our people is something we take seriously.

“It’s great to know there are a lot of things that people like about working here. What we need to do now is get input on how to address the issues we need to improve on. The working groups we are currently arranging will help identify actions to address these aspects of the survey. It’s important we make changes where change is needed, and having input from a wider group will make the survey all the more worthwhile.” George Morris, Chairman

Employees from across the company’s four offices – Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds and Warrington – have volunteered to take part in a series of Action Groups to give their thoughts on what actions could be implemented to add more to the Morris & Spottiswood employee experience. A feature of life in Morris & Spottiswood is the Employee “What’s it Like to Work Here?” Survey. The results were recently communicated across the company.

The questionnaire consisted of 28 ‘agree / disagree’ statements and 3 free-text areas. 47% of our employees responded. Overall, Morris & Spottiswood employees like the people they work with, the variety and challenge of their jobs and the general culture of the business; while the main improvement areas relate to upping our communications and integrating team-working across the business. We have already taken steps to address some of these issues through a series of action groups to develop ideas in support of our client-focused, one-business ethos.