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Work in the wilderness…

In July, we posted a story on our plans to carry out work for Vodafone at their mast site at Carbreck, on the very, very North Western tip of Scotland. Although this was a particularly challenging job due to its remote location, we are pleased to say the works are now complete and our client is delighted with the outcome.

The works carried out mean the cabin and its equipment can now withstand excessive wind speeds (frequently reaching 80/90mph+) all year round. Even getting on site needed a rather unusual logistics plan, as access to the mast is only via helicopter, or a 2-hour walk across some fairly wild – albeit beautiful! – countryside. As Vodafone’s fabric contractor, we worked closely with structural engineers Paul Owen Associates to develop a plan that would be suitable for the terrain. Our team and the materials then had to be helicoptered in to carry out the works – a great effort on what was a tricky project.

Reactive Planned Maintenance Work In Wilderness