Our Commitment to the Environment

As an ISO 14001 accredited organisation we recognise the vital importance of business sustainability and we take a wide range of measures to reduce the environmental impact of all of our operations. Our efforts centre around site waste management, transport, saving energy and using materials from sustainable sources.

Working across the organisation

We encourage all of our employee, contractors and suppliers to develop initiatives that improve our environmental performance. We also devote the necessary resources, in terms of communications, support and training, to ensure that this happens. For example, we have an ongoing programme training our project managers as approved Ska Assessors. SKA rating is an environmental assessment method, benchmark and standard for non-domestic fit-outs, led and owned by RICS.

Comprehensive policies and action

We have specific environmental policies that cover all key aspects of our operations, including energy and resource use, waste minimization and the control of any emissions or effluents that may cause environmental damage. From driving our vans in the most fuel-efficient way possible to carrying out sustainability reviews on our projects, we always go the extra mile for our environment. We also have procedures that ensure compliance with all relevant environmental laws, regulations and codes of practice.

Download our Environmental Policy

Meeting our environmental targets

In order to achieve our stated environmental objectives, we set and maintain specific environmental targets and goals. These are identified within our environmental aspects register and are reviewed annually by the Trading Board to ensure that they remain relevant to our business activities and reflect developments in the industry. To keep track of progress, and to ensure that we are meeting our goals, we regularly monitor the environmental performance of our overall organisation.