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George’s Blog May 2017

George Blog May 2017This is the latest acquisition for the M&S art collection. As maybe some of you know we have collected art for the last ten years and it is hung in all four offices. The art is both contemporary and twentieth century but with an emphasis on the innovative. Why? Well it brightens up the offices, gives us all something to debate about and opens our eyes to how things look. That is really important in our job to see how something looks in the workplace.

This piece is by Jim Lambie who was shortlisted for the Turner prize in 2005 and now has an office alongside us in Glasgow. It is called Psychedelic Soul Stick #79 and was sold by the artist to benefit Glasgow School of Art’s restoration programme. The Soulstick contains charcoal and damaged material from the Art school.

If you want to know more about Jim Lambie and his series of soulsticks google Jim Lambie psychedelic soulstick tate.