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Our Values

These guiding principles define our company and what it stands for. They shape every decision we make, from how we do a job, to how we run projects, and how we grow the organisation as a whole.

Aim High

M&S is a company that has always been ambitious, right from its earliest days. This ambition isn’t just about growing the company’s size and profitability. It’s about making M&S as robust as possible and delivering the best service to our clients, making us a business fit for the next generation.

Act Responsibly

We stand or fall on our reputation and good business sense. That’s why we value transparency, compliance and consistency. We play with a straight bat, don’t over promise and don’t over extend our resources. On an individual basis we collaborate, work to corporate guidelines and take responsibility for our actions.

Value People

Our people are our key resource, both in terms of service delivery and organisational growth. This is why we value training and offer all staff the opportunity to learn new skills and grow their careers. We are committed to nurturing expertise in everyone and to awarding merit wherever we find it. Our core philosophy is that we treat our employees as a family and see our customers in the same light.

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