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Our History

Morris & Spottiswood HistoryOur story goes back to 1925, when the grandfather of our current chairman, also called George Morris, opened a joinery and manufacturing workshop in Glasgow with his friend, John Spottiswood. George was a veteran of Gallipoli and The Somme.

We have a 1925 letter from George to his brother Alex in America:

“I was telling John Spottiswood one night when he was up at the house that I was thinking of starting for myself…. well he asked if I wouldn’t take a partner and after thinking it over I thought I couldn’t do better.

Then we started looking for a place and we stuck it well, I walked myself off my feet at the weekends. I saw a place advertised in the Herald last Monday ….it has all been fixed up and we are now on the road to win or as we think to a fortune maybe.

I gave up a good pay £5-10/ – and bonus, but Alex, I think I can make more on my own, we have been promised quite a lot of work and I hope it comes along, at any rate we have enough for this summer and a bit to spare”.

The early Morris & Spottiswood workshop serviced Glasgow’s strong industrial base at the time. When the second generation of the Morris family were leading the business in the 60’s, the shopfitting and construction divisions were built up and professional managers put in position.

The business is now being led by the third generation of the Morris family and has a UK-wide reputation in fitout, housing and maintenance, a turnover of over £70m and over 350 employees in offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds and Warrington. The culture of the company has always remained strongly people-centredUn

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